“deducted $7 million in legal fees.” – Local case could change Connecticut’s attorney disciplinary system – a jury awarded $58.6 million — the largest medical malpractice award in Connecticut history — to Danny

A Wilton 12-year-old named Danny finds himself in the middle of an attorney misconduct controversy that has the potential to change Connecticut’s attorney disciplinary system.

The case involves millions of dollars and “some of the best-known and well-connected attorneys in Connecticut,” according to a press release from Connecticut-based legal legal_malpracticemalpractice attorney Howard Altschuler.

“Danny D’Attilo appears to be the victim of a system of attorney self-regulation that is turning a blind eye to allegations of unethical conduct of Danny’s former attorneys” — Day Pitney and Koskoff Koskoff & Bieder — “who are being treated as if they are too big to discipline,” the press release further states.

In May 2011, a jury awarded $58.6 million — the largest medical malpractice award in Connecticut history — to Danny and his parents, Cathy and Domenic D’Attilo, as a result of a doctor’s negligence which left Danny “severely disabled at birth and cut his life expectancy more than half,” according to the press release.

The medical malpractice parties settled in January 2012 for $25 million in order to avoid an appeal.

Altschuler told The Bulletin he was approached by Danny’s parents in May 2014 because “among other things, they were afraid their prior attorneys had not protected Danny’s future” and “they wanted to make sure Danny was never institutionalized and would always live at home.”

See Full Story at: http://www.wiltonbulletin.com/61699/local-case-could-change-connecticuts-attorney-disciplinary-system/

Also See 2011 Story: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/26/malpractice-record_n_867439.html

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