Town of Westport Connnecticut and Probate District 50 uses Corporate Mail Services


Corporate Mailing Services

Everyday, you will see Corporate Mailing Services trucks and vans all over Connecticut and parts of nearby states. We pick up mail from towns and cities, financial institutions, corporations, universities, and save time and money for any business which mails 500 pieces of mail or more at a time.

We bring our customers’ mail back to our secure, state-of-the-art facility in Shelton, CT and process it for maximum USPS discounts. We then expedite it to the nearby USPS special BME automation unit for the fastest possible delivery.

Corporate Mailing Services can do it all for you! In addition to automated presorting and barcoding, which we provide for all our customers, we can do your:

  • Postage metering and sealing
    (Now you can get rid of those costly mailing equipment leases and ridiculously expensive ink cartridges!).
  • Inline folding and inserting
  • Intelligent Mail Barcoding
  • Automated Flats Processing

We provide discounts for Standard mail, handwritten mail…and can also give you all the necessary documentation so you can charge back postage.

We offer HUGE discounts on your First Class flats! Contact us for special information on how we can help process your mail up to 13oz.


PDF Backup: Corporate Mailing Services – PDF


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