One Response to May 8, 2012 – SUBJECT: WESTPORT PROBATE COURT ON TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012, AT 3 P.M. Dear Assistant Attorney General Hulin,

Marjorie Partch says:

May 19, 2012 at 8:05 PM

 “UPDATE :) It went much better than we expected on Tuesday. A “Transition Co-ordinator” from the Medicaid program The Money Follows the Person made a special guest appearance. [Once I showed MFP how my proper authority was bypassed and not formally revoked ~ in violation of State Law, which requires Due Process to remove a Durable POA, Health Care Rep., etc. ~ MFP bumped my mother’s application up a notch, and the referral came through from the State.] The outgoing Conservator signed off on all the necessary paperwork, and our fingers are crossed. Selling the house is on hold until my mother’s evaluation is completed. I was especially grateful that Charles Hulin, the Asst. Attorney General, spoke up in favor of pursuing MFP. The proposal to appoint Westport Attorney Rick Ross and myself as Co-Conservators will be considered when we have the MFP results. Meanwhile, Westport Attorney Rich Raphael is chomping at the bit to sue Wilton Meadows for damages … My mother grinned from ear to ear when I told her how I really hope they keep their attorney, Angelo Maragos, because it’s like having Sarah Palin on the other side!

~ Last year, Superior Court Judge Edward Karazin kept asking him incredulously, “Do you mean that ‘It’s too late’ [to pursue the question of error, whether due to deliberate fraud, or negligence] is your personal opinion? Or is that your legal opinion?” The stubborn answer came: “It’s too late for an appeal.” The Judge queried again: “But is that really your INTERPRETATION OF THE LAW? That it’s ‘too late,’ even if there is a question of fraud?” “Yes, legally, it’s too late.” “Okay,” the Judge finally wrapped it up: “Too late? That’s your legal opinion? Then I guess we went to different law schools.”

~ Incidentally, we are back in Probate Court ~ a new one, since the original Probate Judge recused himself at our attorney’s request ~ because the full trial in Superior Court can take so long, and then they may remand it to Probate Court for the final appointment anyway. So we are hoping that the Westport Probate Court will Do The Right Thing, and finally let my mother come home under The Money Follows the Person, with Attorney Rick Ross and myself as her Co-Conservators, so that Wilton Meadows can finally be sued ~ one thing they have been avoiding all along”.

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May 8, 2012 – SUBJECT: WESTPORT PROBATE COURT ON TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2012, AT 3 P.M. Dear Assistant Attorney General Hulin,

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