Superior and probate courts, meanwhile, have yet to sort out the shell game that snatched the farm from Smoron.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jambed Gears of Justice in Ct Probate Case Over Farm

There are few more frightening glimpses of probate court gone wrong than the story told in a new memo from the chief disciplinary counsel for the state committee that investigates complaints about lawyers.
An elderly, dying woman’s valuable estate is hijacked and her will violated in what seems like a nightmare that just couldn’t happen. Except that it did, just a few years ago, to an old Polish woman in Southington. It could happen to you.

Manzo, broke and still the old farm’s caretaker, hasn’t inherited the property Josephine Smoron long sought to give him. This probate morality tale still stinks, which tells us plenty about a probate court system that politicians and judges often say has been reformed and brought into the 21st Century.

What’s amazing – and most worrisome – about this case is that despite two lawyers looking out for Smoron’s interests and a judge overseeing the matter, the old lady’s will was ignored in routine, shuffle-the-papers fashion. This poor old woman had a court-appointed lawyer, a court-appointed conservator, and a judge who were all supposed to be in her corner.

Full Article and Source: NASGA

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