(Update) The Eli Schutts case Estate of Denial: Probate court-appointed attorney admits falsely accusing client’s girlfriend of theft (CT.- Connecticut)

TORRINGTON–Probate court-appointed attorney Marc Ford Greene admitted today that he falsely accused a client’s girlfriend of stealing $1,981.

It turns out that it was actually the current conservator for 86-year-old retired Western Connecticut State University philosophy professor Eli Schutts, Lorraine Seely, who withdrew the money in question, according to Mr. Greene.

Mr. Greene made the false claim against Ms. Johnson, from whom Mr. Schutts has now distanced himself, in a letter dated Aug. 27. That was the same day he arranged for Mr. Schutts to agree in a probate court hearing at Litchfield Woods that a conservator should care for his finances and health.

After the Aug. 27 hearing, Mr. Greene handed reporters a printout of Bank of America records, saying, “She [Ms. Johnson] stole his Social Security … .”

The next day, Mr. Greene asserted that he had verified the inappropriate withdrawal with bank personnel.

The New Milford conservator, Ms. Seely, had faxed Mr. Greene’s accusatory letter to Ms. Johnson to The Litchfield County Times on Aug. 28. Ms. Seely has declined to respond to messages since that time and could not be reached for comment Thursday on Mr. Greene’s admission of his error.

Asked why Ms. Seely would forward the false claim about Ms. Johnson taking the Social Security money, her attorney, Michael S. McKenna of Sienkiewicz & McKenna in New Milford, said, “I don’t know anything about that.”


The Eli Schutts Case: Probate Court-Appointed Attorney Admits Falsely Accusing Client’s Girlfriend Of Theft
Jack Coraggio/Andy Thibault
September 14, 2012
Litchfield County Times

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