There are 54 Probate Court Districts in the State of Connecticut.


See Constitution of Connecticut, Art. V, Sec. 4; Chapt. 774, Gen. Stat. Judges of Probate are elected quadrennially on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in years having an even number, and serve for the term of four years from the Wednesday after the first Monday of January next succeeding their election. There are 54 Probate Districts and 5 Regional Children’s Probate Courts in the State of Connecticut. Central Connecticut Regional Children’s Probate Court; New Haven Regional Children’s Probate Court; New London Regional Children’s Probate Court; Northeast Regional Children’s Probate Court; Waterbury Regional Children’s Probate Court.

PROBATE COURT ADMINISTRATOR. Appointed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Sec. 45a-74, Gen. Stat. Salary, $146,780. Hon. Paul J. Knierim, Simsbury. Office address: 186 Newington Rd., West Hartford 06110-2320. Tel., (860) 231-2442. Chief Counsel, Thomas E. Gaffey. Website:

CONNECTICUT PROBATE ASSEMBLY. Sec. 45a-90, Gen. Stat. Office: 186 Newington Rd., West Hartford 06110-2320. Tel., (860) 231-2442. Pres. Judge, Hon. Daniel F. Caruso, Fairfield; 1st Vice Pres., Hon. Beverly Streit-Kefalas, Milford-Orange; 2nd Vice Pres., Hon. Sydney W. Elkin, West Hartford; Exec. Secy., Hon. Philip A. Wright, Jr., Wallingford; Rec. Secy., Hon. Brian T. Mahon, Meriden; Treas., Hon. Evelyn M. Daly, Farmington-Burlington.

COUNCIL ON PROBATE JUDICIAL CONDUCT. Sec. 45a-62, Gen. Stat. Compensation of members, not to exceed $100 per diem and necessary expenses. Address: 186 Newington Rd., West Hartford 06110-2320. Tel., (860) 231-2442.

Chm., Hon. William L. Wollenberg, Trial Referee, Hartford; Hon. Andre D. Dorval, Probate Judge, Reg. #19; Anne S. Evans, Hebron; Atty. Sharon Holland Purtill, Glastonbury; Janet M. Wildman, Washington; Alternate, Hon. Michael F. Magistrali, Torrington Area Probate District.

Exec. Dir., Richard F. Banbury, 1 State St., Hartford 06103. Tel., (860) 549-1000. 

FAIRFIELD. Constituted May session, 1666, as a County Court. Judge, Daniel F. Caruso. Location: Sullivan Independence Hall, 725 Old Post Rd., 06824-6684. Tel., (203) 256-3041; FAX, (203) 256-3080 and (203) 256-3044. Hours: 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.

NORWALK-WILTON. Constituted May session, 1802, from Fairfield and Stamford. Judge, Anthony J. DePanfilis. Location: 125 East Ave., Norwalk 06851-5702; Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2009, Norwalk 06852-2009. Tel., (203) 854-7737; FAX, (203) 854-7825. Hours: 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.

WESTPORT. (Weston, Westport). Constituted May session, 1835, at the time of the incorporation of the Town of Westport. The territory was taken from Fairfield, Norwalk, and Weston. Judge, Kevin M. O’Grady. Location: Town Hall, 110 Myrtle Ave., 06880-3514. Tel., (203) 341-1100; FAX, (203) 341-1102. Hours: 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon.-Fri.

For the Full List of the State of Connecticut Probate Districts and Data Source See Link:This is Google’s cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jul 31, 2012 20:11:05 GMT.


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