William M. Windsor is the producer and director of a new documentary film “Virtually Every Judge in America Regularly Commits Crimes.Judges routinely violate 18 USC 4 and much more.”

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3 days ago – Lawless America Movie Road Trip Show with William M. Windsor – Monday I believe that just about every judge in America is a felon who needs to be arrested , convicted, imprisoned, disgraced, and removed from office.

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Virtually Every Judge in America Regularly Commits Crimes

Monday, 24 September 2012 00:00
William M. Windsor

I believe that just about every judge in America is a felon who needs to be arrested, convicted, imprisoned, disgraced, and removed from office.  

Judges routinely violate 18 USC 4 and much more.

See Full Article: http://lawlessamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1173:virtually-every-judge-in-america-regulartly-commits-crimes&catid=25:judicial-corruption-and-dishonesty&Itemid=222

18 USC § 4 – Misprision of felony:  Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

In my opinion, this means that every judge and government employee who is given knowledge of a felony and does not report it should be found guilty of this felony crime.  I believe this makes just about every judge in America guilty of many counts of this felony.

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Here is a paper presented by Randy Due:

18 USC § 3: Accessory after the fact:  Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts, or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial, or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.

Any Judge, Public Official, and/or Military Officer(s) who chooses to DISHONOR, RIDICULE, AND/OR TREAT WITH CONTEMPT THE PROCESS of TITLE 18 USC § 4 Law, has made him/her self an Accessory Accomplice to the Crimes having been committed.

Any Judge, Public Official, and/or Military Officer(s) who attempts to stop and/or impedes Citizens from filing Criminal Complaints against ORGANIZED CRIME in the Government, especially against crimes committed by themselves or their co-workers or agents, are committing Paper Terrorism (Domestic Terrorism, 18 USC § 2331 (5)), against Citizens. The Paper Terrorism being referred to in this process is initiated by Judges converting Criminal Complaints into Civil Complaints in order to evade the charges and open the door for Official Retaliation against the reporting Citizen(s). The alternative method initiated by Judges is to file the Criminal Complaints as Motions and to ORDER them as “stricken,” or to deny/discharge those Criminal Complaints as Frivolous, thereby, trying to evade the charges and render the lawful process, i.e. THE LAW, to report a crime, mandated by 18 USC § 4, null and void.  

District 8 Federal Judges Laurie Smith Camp, F.A. Gossett III, John M. Gerrard, Joseph F. Bataillon, and Richard G. Kopf are involved in this ORGANIZED CRIME in reference to Criminal Complaints filed in Federal Court in Omaha, Nebraska stemming from Case No. CI 11-58 & CI 12-35 and Case # 8:12CR 56-LSC-FG3.


18 USC § 4 Mandates a Citizen to report Criminal Behavior or face Criminal Charges, fines and/or imprisonment. If the Citizen knows he/she is required by law to complain under18 USC § 4, and failure to report the crime can result in fine or imprisonment or both, and also knows the Judge is of such a character that he/she will retaliate against him/her the accuser, then the Citizen finds him/her self in the Terrifying situation of being Dammed if he/she doesn’t file (18 USC § 4) and Dammed if he/she does file (a victim of the Evil Character of the Judge). Any Judge who issues a public statement warning Citizens that they cannot file Criminal Charges is thereby inducing the Citizen to violate 18 USC § 4, and he, who has the Evil Character to retaliate against the Citizen, is a Judge who is engaging in Paper Terrorism (amongst other violations).

If any Judge, Public Official, and/or Military Officer(s) believes any of this Commercial Process to be False, said Judge, Public Official, and/or Military Officer(s) is required by their own respective government systems to produce Affidavit(s) specifically showing “Just Cause” with Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law to support their Specific disagreement claims, and these Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law must be sworn to be true, correct, materially complete, and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and be available for Public Inspection by the Court of Public opinion of the People/Citizens of this Nation. Anything less shall be considered a Non-Response, Dishonor, and Default on the part of

the Judge, Public Official, and/or Military Officer(s), and an evasion of Due Process.

See Full Article: http://lawlessamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1173:virtually-every-judge-in-america-regulartly-commits-crimes&catid=25:judicial-corruption-and-dishonesty&Itemid=222


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