Petitioning Connecticut Attorney General to Protect Elders from exploitation: Please Help Doctor Ben Hubby meet his Petition Goal

Petitioning Connecticut Attorney General George C. Jepsen

This petition will be delivered to:
Connecticut Attorney General George C. Jepsen    

Connecticut Attorney General George C. Jepsen: Direct CT law firms to return KKH, seized from a Savannah hospital

by Ben Hubby

Before lawlessness took over, Connecticut elder Kingsley Hubby’s life, her household was filled with love, fun, Scrabble, friends, supper on laps, and the crocodile guy on TV.

When law was removed  from Kingsley Hubby, loving helpers were fired; Mom’s house was filled with threats and sealed to keep friends away, and her days were spent her days in anguished torpor.

I rescued Mom on February 25th to Savannah’s St. Joseph’s Hospital, where she was treated for malnutrition. But relatives and powerful law firms persuaded hospital officials to allow Mom to be taken at 2:30 AM Feb 29th against medical advice, without notification of her doctor– in apparent violation of federal law — and flown out of Georgia before her day in court for an emergency guardianship hearing and permanent rescue.

They begrudged Kingsley Hubby’s rights of freedom and peace to return her to her prison/home.

Do you agree it’s not appropriate for law firms to participate in elders being taken from hospitals against the law and their doctors’ wishes and placed back in unsavory circumstances?

The organizers presented an $ 88, 825 bill for time trying to remove Mom’s only rescuer (me) from the field; and arranging her removal from hospital. The local Probate Court plans to take this money from Mom’s estate meant for her care.

By signing this petition and encouraging your friends to as well, you’ll prompt Attorney General Jepsen to respond to theConnecticut’s human and legal crisis by removing Kingsley Hubby from bondage to be with son Ben; and  making  Connecticut elders much safer from exploitation.

Spread the word so this message in a snowball of love will thunder down a mountain in Vermont on a winter night and roll across Connecticut for a much better day. Thank you, Ben Hubby MD

Reasons for Signing

  • Joel Spivak, Esq. 
    Savannah, GA

    4 months ago

    I believe the first duty of the court is to protect the welfare of Mrs. Hubby. From my understanding of the facts Dr. Ben Hubby, who is the only family member capable of understanding the medical needs of his mother and who lovingly cared for her, was removed as medical guardian and a guardian ad litem was appointed to oversee all matters. Since that time, her condition has deteriorated and her estate has been greatly diminished.

    It is also my understanding that the CT courts approved a codicil to her will that was dated subsequent to the finding for the need of a guardian ad litem – questionable decision.

  • Mary Washington
    Savannah, GA
    4 months ago 

    I am appalled at the treatment some of our elders are receiving at the hand of those whom their care is entrusted. No one should have to endure this !

    Jennifer Kirk
  • Savannah, GA
    4 months ago 

    I’m signing because I’ve known Dr. Ben Hubby personally and believe that he is not only a person of great intellect, he’s also a person of great compassion. There is no doubt in my mind he would fight to the death, if need be, in defending the well-being and/or rights of his mother.

    And to that I say; Go for it Doc.

Petition | Connecticut Attorney General George C. Jepsen: Direct CT

Before lawlessness took over, Connecticut elder Kingsley Hubby’s life, her household was filled with love, fun, Scrabble, friends, supper on laps, and…


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