Coalition for Connecticut Family Court Reform “help fix our broken system”


Greetings, The Coalition for Connecticut Family Court Reform is a group of advocates that want to see significant changes made to our Connecticut Family Court system and legal practices that work under them.  Our members are Connecticut business professionals, many owners and managers, and other hard-working productive people, who have been adversely effected by professionals around the family court who are not acting fairly or justly. Our aim is to help fix our broken system by shining a light on the dark spots within our family courts that are just not working to help families.  We are people who have come to learn through experience that our status quo is damaging to Connecticut families.

Please mark March 24th on your calendars and do whatever is necessary for you and your family members to be at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford (free parking!) Come give your give testimony on the glaring problems, dysfunction and corruption in our family court system.


Please come join the parents, children of divorce, grandparents and others who will be there demanding much better our state and our judiciary.

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See a list of speakers in sequential order, with a brief description of their testimony and relevant links if applicable. Each summary also provides the corresponding time stamp for the start and end of their testimony, as well as the conclusion of their question/answer segment.  Use this link to

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