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Disclaimer:  The sole purpose of this website is to help protect the public from corruption that threatens public resources, the electoral process, and fair economic opportunities for citizens and businesses in the state of Connecticut. We hope to expose corruption within public and private institutions that misuse taxpayer dollars. All information is believed to be true, but there is no way of knowing for sure. Information has been reported to this website or has been found at other websites or organizations.  We are exercising our first amendment right to let you know there exists the possibility, but it remains the responsibility of the viewer to do more research before making a decision as to the veracity of these reports.


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  1. joan landis says:


    Thank you for all your work and for the information to help others. My Dad became a ward of the San Diego Public Guardian and resident of Merrill Gardens RCFE and was physically isolated and abused and his money taken by the money machine of “protection”…he needed protection from the protectors. Will you have a way to send your articles to Twitter, Facebook…I don’t see any button to click. I post things for others to read to help get the word out… I retweet NASGA, Attorney Candice Schwager’s blogs and others hoping to reach more people. Thanks again for what you are doing-not many attorneys out there who see the problem and are exposing it and trying to fix it…you are brave to be one of the few! Thanks Joan

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